World Internet Summit – A Brief Review

The World Internet Summit (WIS) was held in Perth, Western Australia between February 25-28. To clarify things, I had already invested some of my time and money in internet marketing through one of the founders of World Internet Summit who ran a one day seminar way back in May of 2009. Like a lot of people I was all excited about this new method of earning money on the internet and parted with my hard earned cash for a 12 month, step by step tutorial on how to set up my online business. I had some early progress only to get extremely lazy and procrastinating to the point of doing nothing for months on end all the while convincing my self that I would get back into it and make the money that I had outlayed back. One of the bonuses within the 12 month educational course I had purchased was for a free passport to the WIS which travels the world educating people on internet marketing and this year it just happened to be in my hometown, Perth.

I took a day off work and got up early and off I went to the WIS, Perth, Western Australia. The event was held at a large hotel which more than catered for the attending masses, and the room with all of its sound and audio requirements was well set up and experienced very little technical hitches apart from the obvious lack of internet speed which is more of a government and telco issue than one for the WIS. Comfort was important over a four day event and amenities, refreshments and breaks were all very adequate.

To be completely honest, I would recommend attending this event for a number of reasons even if you have no interest in internet marketing. The speakers assembled to present are all quality public speakers who are both factual and entertaining. Some could do stand up in their own right should they desire a change of scenery, some give great stories of success from hardship which is highly motivational, and of course if you are into internet marketing, there is also some great content to take notes from. An excellent feature of the event is that all of the speakers are easily accessible throughout the event and will openly chat to attendees about anything.The only criticism I could make on the presenting side of things is that a number of the speakers appear to have trained under the same mentor, and use similar techniques to initiate crowd participation which can wear a little thin by day four.

Unfortunately the experts brought together here to pass on their intimate knowledge of internet marketing success don’t do it without a catch. Each one has made money marketing their products or using their own methods but they are equally aware that there is money to be made in passing on these skills. At the end of each presentation comes the sales pitch. Don’t get me wrong, this is a necessary part of the whole event or it would not happen at all, it just gets a little overwhelming at times especially after sixteen speakers. The speakers are all master sales people and really know how to attract buyers and I would be surprised if not every person in that room was tempted at some point to purchase. The majority of products were 12 month internet marketing education/ mentoring but there were also some relating to eBay, software, search engine traffic, internet law and life mentoring.

In my opinion all of the products were well presented, well researched and well worth their outlay. Did I purchase? Yes I purchased a software program and at times I wished I had more capital as the value in the products is definitely there. Have I made money? No but it does take some effort and time but in my mind I definitely think the opportunity is there and I am working on it.

What is it about the internet that provokes the thought ” scam “. My involvement with internet marketing through my original programme and then WIS leads me to confirm that these guys are definitely no scammers. Someone at the event told me the summit had missed their target audience and that it should be aimed at a higher income and educational group. I disagreed. My feeling is that the people involved in WIS came from nothing and really want to give something back to the Mr & Mrs Average out there.

In conclusion my experience at the WIS was a positive one. I left having met some great people which I will remain in contact with, gained a great deal of motivation and learnt a lot about the world of internet marketing.

Did I mention that one attendee walked away with around $ 30,000 resulting from winning the proceeds of an internet business set up and run over the four days by the experts on stage. Not bad huh.

I would like to point out that I have no involvement with WIS apart from being an attendee and these comments relate only to my personal experience.

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